6 Tips For Seeking Mental Health Support

Sometimes seeking help for mental health issues is easier said than done. You can want the help but seeking it is the hardest part, why?

Because you have to admit to yourself something is wrong and that you need help.

In this article I’m going to take you through the when/where/why/how of seeking help and support for mental health issues.

  • The first and biggest step in seeking mental health support comes from within, you need to realise the issues you have and come to terms with accepting help from others.
  • The second step is to reach out to a trusted GP who can give you a referral to a therapist.
  • The third step is to find a good therapist- some find it difficult to connect with referred therapists, I suggest doing your research and read reviews others have posted if possible.
  • The fourth step is putting therapy information into practice- this can often take a while (research suggests, it takes 21 days to form new and better habits), slow and steady wins the race. Implement advice given from a therapist slowly (possibly think of them as smaller goals which create a bigger picture).

Be kind to yourself if you struggle/fail at the fourth step, it’s a learning process that can’t be implemented in a day and its okay to feel defeated, just remember why you started.

  • Continue to be proactive by immersing yourself in therapy, reaching out to friends and family (those who understand), join forums and share your experience because you aren’t alone and it could save someone’s life just by knowing that.
  • Celebrate the small victories (yes, getting out of bed on days that are hard counts).

These are all of the things I wish I knew about seeking mental health support because if these were known, I probably would have sooner. Can you think of any other ways to seek mental health support? Leave a comment below!

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