7 New Year’s Resolutions For Better Mental Health In 2020

New decade incoming, who dis?

I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase “new year, new me”, but how many of us actually achieve a “new” or better me?

We all know new year resolutions are about change but why do so many of us fail to make such changes?

Perhaps things are easier the way they are, that we don’t like to leave our comfort zone, or are simply just lazy and will get to it later because we have the entire year to be better.

Yet, none of these options or ways of thinking actually help us improve our mental health. In fact, according to research 80% of us will fail to achieve our new year resolutions.

The thing people often fail to recognise is that new year resolutions should be about setting goals or intentions you can actually stick to. It needs to be about wanting and needing to do better as a person and not about making promises to yourself that you can’t keep, especially when it comes to mental health.

Having a better mind set and creating a better future for yourself starts now and more importantly on the 1st day of the new year.

So what things can we all do to have a better outlook on life and improve our mental health in 2020?

  1. Practise self-care: We often forget to take care of ourselves from the inside out. Make 2020 all about practising self care (e.g., face masks, nutritious food, doing/getting your nails/eyebrows/eyelashes done). According to research, taking at least an hour or two a week to focus on inner care will actually improve mental health by decreasing stress and anxiety and improving self-esteem.
  2. Get more sleep: Getting enough z’s does wonders for mental health; it reduces brain fog and promotes a more positive mood. As working adults it seems we never get enough rest; downloading an app, setting a bed time reminder, having a hot shower, or drinking a hot tea may help you relax and sleep better.
  3. Increase nutrients within your diet: By adding in more fruit or veges eating will become less about weight and counting calories and more about having a better frame of mind. There is nothing worse than obsessing over calories and weight because it causes more stress and anxiety than needed.
  4. Finding exercise that suits you: This my friends, is a game changer when it comes to feeling better. Partaking in yoga, walking, hiking or any other form of exercise you love can improve your overall well-being. Forget about vowing to join a gym and find an exercise you love and quit feeling guilty about not doing more.
  5. Start a journal: Starting a journal can be as therapeutic as actual therapy (although therapy is still highly encouraged) because it allows you to pour how you’re feeling onto a page when you need an outlet instead of having to wait a month to see your therapist. Better yet, even take it to therapy and discuss it with your therapist if you feel like its very important. Beginning a journal in 2020 sets you up to process your emotions and have a clear mind for the year ahead.
  6. Limit social media: There is nothing worse than going into a new decade wishing you were someone else. Social media can have this effect so try and limit the amount of hours you spend on it and spend more time engaging with your inner self.
  7. Stop negative body thoughts: Thinking negative things about your body can seriously affect your mental health and self-esteem. Build yourself up in 2020 and not break yourself down by engaging in positive self-thought/talk by finding things you like about yourself. For example; “my hair is shiny”, “my skin is better”, “yay I’m less bloated today”. Stopping the negative thoughts or talk about your body promotes better self-esteem and a greater appreciation for one’s self. Check out this inspiring video all about praising your body!

Lastly, to everyone sturggling with their mental health this holiday season, know you’re not alone. Know that you’re not the only one feeling like they can’t breathe, that has family issues, or feels out of control, we got you. This is what A Safe Space is all about.

Wishing you all positive vibes and calming light,

See you in the new decade with a comeback in content!

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  1. Thank you for this thoughtful and uplifting post! I found these tips to be very motivating as they were about improving your own well-being and not solely bettering yourself! I recently started a blog called searchingforconfidence.wordoress.com that talks about issues like self-ove and acceptance and I would love to invite you to have a read! All the best

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