How To Practice Gratitude In 2020

WE’RE BACK! and kicking off another mental health monday with a 3 step how-to guide on practicing gratitude for better mental health in 2020.

Starting 2020 feeling blessed and grateful will set you up for greatness because there’s nothing worse than going into a new DECADE resentful and with a bad mindset.

Practising gratitude for what you overcame in 2019 is a fire way to achieve all your goals and gain some confidence in the new year. Practising gratitude is a great reminder of what’s really important in life. For us here at a.s.s. it’s health, well-being, and family. What’s important in your life that you’re grateful for?

We believe that practising gratitude for the year thats gone (thank god…) sets good intentions for all that’s to come and promotes resillence by allowing you to appreciate where you are in life and how far you’ve come! Not to mention all of the goals you’ve already achieved throughout your entire life.

Here are 3 easy ways you can practise gratitude for better mental health in 2020:

Journal: I know I keep coming back to journalling and writing things down, but you’ll be surprised how much you’ve overcome once they are written down. Try writing things down that youve overcome this year, mixed in with what you’re grateful for. Trust me, it may be a long list.
Meditate: Meditation grounds us, whether we like to admit it or not. Meditation isn’t for everyone, but some sort of reflection is. Find yours. It could be through exercise such as yoga, or taking a moment to collect your thoughts in the shower or over a cup of coffee in the morning. It does’nt have to be sitting down with your eyes closed saying omn.
Have an optimistic attitude in the morning: Plain and simple, reminding yourself that it could always be worse is an effective way to stop feeling sorry for yourself and practise some gratitude (assuming you have a roof over your head and food in the fridge).

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