4 Tips For A Kick Ass Week

I absolutely love setting myself up to achieve my goals each week. How do I do this? I take sunday as a productive day, I do my food shopping, meal prep, cleaning and self-care. Want to start each week on the right foot? Now you can, here are my 4 tips for kicking ass each week!

  1. Clean your space: making Sunday a day for prep and cleaning sets you up for a fire week. It also increases productivity and motivation to slay the coming week. It also lowers your stress throughout the week. As they say, a Sunday well spent brings a week on content.
  2. Write goals for the week: setting out things you want to achieve in the coming week increases your chances of achieving them. It also promotes a clear focus for each week and gives you more control over your week.
  3. Eat well: eating well at the beginning of the week ensures that you binge and “cheat” less throughout the week. Taking the time to meal prep on a Sunday also increased your chances of eating well throughout the week. Make sure you’re getting enough fruits and veges people!
  4. Exercise for a clear head: taking at lease 30 minutes to exercise at the beginning of the week improves productivity, lowers stress and anxiety and promotes a can-do attitude for the week. Personally, my favourite is yoga, what’s yours?

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