7 Tips For Better Sleep

Keeping my sleeping pattern steady and on track has always been a struggle of mine. It differs from month to month as being a pet sitter (much like a house sitter) is very seasonal. The beds are different, the houses are different and most of all, the pets are different. Last night was my first sleep in my own bed since early December of 2019. I was away for two months, sleeping in very softy beds to medium-hard beds. To be honest, last night sucked.

It came down to a mixture of being unfamiliar in my own house to which I share with two other housemates (can’t wait to not share house anymore), along with the needs of my housemates cat which seems to love me more than her and the noise my housemates make at all hours of the morning (much earlier than I would like). I’m not just talking about noise of walking around, it was talking loudly, slamming cupboard doors, cooking etc. I could hear everything, with ear plugs in. Needless to say, this week’s blog post is very much taking my own advice. So, here are my tips to getting a better night’s sleep, when everyone sucks, and you desperately need some z’s:

  1. Buy some essential oils: Lavender is great for relaxation and getting a deeper sleep. Try putting some on your pillow or in a spray bottle with some water. A little goes a long way.
  2. Meditate: if you’re annoyed at your surroundings (like me last night) you’ll sleep restlessly. Clearing the mind is a great way to relax, you don’t even need an app, just set a timer for 3-5 minutes, sit in a comfy chair and even play relaxing music to focus on does wonders.
  3. Go for a walk/get outside: if you feel comfortable go for a walk outside before bed, it’s a great way to clear the mind and feel good (endorphins, hello!). Walk outside on a trail, in the gym or even go for a drive. Get out of what’s annoying you or causing you to be restless.
  4. Wake up at the same time every day (even on weekends): Regardless of when you get to sleep, waking up at the same time every day creates routine within the brain and will eventually help you get to sleep at a certain time as well. Don’t believe me, try it.
  5. Drink tea: peppermint is my all-time favourite before bed because it makes me so drowsy. Other teas such as: valerian and magnesium are great.
  6. Don’t drink alcohol: drinking alcohol before bed is a don’t do. It causes a decrease in the amount of deep sleep you get resulting in a very restless night.
  7. Create a safe space (like this blog!): cleaning up your environment and making it a safe and comfy space can help you sleep more deeply because you’re less anxious. Light candles, put a diffuser on with some essential oils in it, clean your bedding and drink some tea in bed.

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