6 Benefits of Journaling for Improved Mental Health

I’ve been journalling over the last few years, it started as fitness goals and how I was going with working out but it soon became a part of my daily routine to keep my feelings, frustrations and behaviour in check.

Here are the benefits of journalling that have improved my mental health:

  1. Journaling will allow you to process and make sense on how you’re feeling in given situations that pose threat or difficulty. For example, if you’re annoyed at a loved one for their actions towards you and you can’t figure out why.
  2. Journaling allows you to have a place to pour your emotions into that isn’t a person you love. Annoyed and frustrated by dumb people? journal it. Sad about something? Journal it.
  3. Journaling acts as a weight reliever; writing it down takes away the weight of your feelings and puts them into something constructive and positive.
  4. Journaling helps you to move forward by looking back at all you’ve overcome through written expression.
  5. Journaling enforces healthy mindfulness by helping you check in with yourself mentally and emotionally.
  6. Journaling helps you solve problems better because you’re writing them out logically.

Are you interested in how to start journaling after reading the benefits? It’s easy, grab yourself a plank book and a pen. Date the corner and get to it. It’s that simple.

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