The Epic Selfcare Kit For Emotional Eating

I recently wrote a post on how to stop emotionally eating, if you haven’t checked it out, you can find it here.
This week we’re talking about self-care that goes hand in hand with last weeks tips.

I know how hard it is to stop emotional eating and if I can help one of you through this then the goal behind this blog is worth it. So without further ado here is what should be in your self-care kit for emotional eating.

  1. Keep an eating journal: I keep a journal of all things wellness. But if you’re just starting to get your emotional eating under control stick to journalling your eating. By this, I mean to set goals for the day (e.g., drink 500ml water, don’t order takeout etc) as well as check-in with yourself about how you’re feeling both emotionally and mentally. Starting simple is how positive habits are made.
  2. Check-in with yourself: Especially when you’re stressed or overwhelmed. Download meditation apps like headspace or calm. While you’re clearing your head ask yourself; Do I need to eat like 5 cookies im craving? Do I need to order uber eats?
  3. Find other things that boost confidence and self-esteem: I like to do my nails every week, I light candles and have hot showers when I get overwhelmed, I reach out to a loved one when I need a cuddle and a chat. Finding other things that boost confidence and self-esteem is a must in your self-care kit!
  4. Be kind to yourself: We are often our own worst enemies and it’s really hard to stop the negative self-talk. But we can all try, right? Try and not get in your head too much and if you slip up and emotionally eat, it’s okay. There are going to be times that we do it, we are only human after all.
  5. Give in to cravings: By eating happy foods, which I like to think as “healthy” options to what you’re craving. For example; swapping out normal chocolate for dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is richer and has a lot more health benefits than normal milk chocolate.
  6. Exercise softly & gently: By this I mean do yoga, walking, stretching or swimming. Anything easy on the body that makes you feel better and gives you some endorphins (happy brain chemicals).
  7. Add tea into your diet: Specifically peppermint and chamomile tea. I spoke about peppermint tea in last weeks post as it has some great calming properties and so does chamomile.

I hope this self-care kit helps you in some way and that even though it’s hard, you can get your emotional eating under control.

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