9 Tips For Building A Better Relationship With Your S/O

Pandemics, as we’ve been experiencing with COVID-19, effect us all in different ways, some thrive by being at home where others panic and feel claustrophobic. Not only do pandemics affect us individually they also affect our relationships.
Being at home 24/7 with your significant other as well as children, both young and grown can be challenging.
Here we will discuss some important tips for maintaining good relationships while in COVID-19 that can be taken into wider society when COVID-19 ends.

  1. Communicate: As humans, it’s vital that we communicate with each other about our needs and desires as well as how others are making us feel so we can live in harmony and not feel like we’re trapped. This is especially important in COVID as we are surrounded by the people who live with us and if communication isn’t at the forefront such relationships can become toxic and fall apart.
  2. Don’t assume: We never know what is going on in someone’s mind, we can never be sure about what others are thinking and assuming that we do leads to a lot of irrational feelings and annoyances. Not assuming how people are going to behave is something I have learnt over the years and it has made a positive impact on my relationships, both platonic and romantic. By not assuming we take away any expectations he held for others and we accept them for who they are.
  3. Don’t yell: Now this one is easier said than done. Have you ever had someone consistently not understand what you’re saying so you resort to yelling? Me too. However, I try hard not to yell, I take a deep breath, I pause and try again or if it’s going nowhere a timeout is called. Yelling is never okay because it’s manner becomes aggressive and the conversation/argument becomes unsafe and unconstructive.
  4. Listen: Also easier said than done. Sometimes listening to someone go on and on about what’s bothering them is hard, especially when you think you’re not in the wrong. Yet, we know listening is all apart of what makes up relationships. We listen to how someone’s day went, how they interacted with people and why their day was good/bad. Listening is vital in maintaining relationships, whether you’re having a conversation or an argument.
  5. Let them finish talking: Cutting someone off from what they are saying only aggravates the situation and leads to arguments going around in a non-constructive cycle. Letting someone finish talking shows mutual respect and patience.
  6. Keep your hands to yourself: This one is pretty self-explanatory, putting your hands on someone aggressively is never okay. Violence is not the answer and it will not lead to anything constructive. It will, however, lead to the end of relationships, respect and open communication.
  7. Don’t disrespect each other: By name-calling, interrupting, saying things out of spite and pettiness. Disrespect will only lead to the end of open communication and cause more damage to your relationships because that person will feel hurt and like they cant trust you.
  8. Apologise when you’re wrong: Period. Put pride aside and own up to when you’re wrong. If you don’t respect will be lost and again, open communication will cease. I’ve had this happen to me and it makes it hard to voice concerns to that person when they won’t admit their mistakes to better the relationship/friendship. Not admitting you’re wrong isn’t a sign of weakness, its validating someone’s feelings and point of view. It’s about being honest when you’re wrong and growing from the experience.
  9. Be honest: Honesty is the best policy. Why? because again, it fosters open communication, it allows others to realise how their actions are affecting you, both mentally and emotionally. It shows that you have respect for the other person by being truthful, whether it’s hard to hear or hard to say.

Maintaining good relationships during COVID is hard, but by keeping these tips in mind we can all grow and learn how best to treat each other and take these tips into society when COVID is over.

Don’t knock these until you try them!

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