A Note To Anyone Struggling With Life & Mental Illness

Whether labelled or unlabelled, I’m sorry it’s carrying so much weight.
Im sorry, it’s a little too heavy to hold right now.
It’s okay.
It does get better.
Keep doing your best.
I’m sorry some mental health professionals suck, but we are all only human.
I’m sorry if you didn’t ask for this label or diagnosis.
I’m sorry you feel different and often unheard.
We try but don’t always succeed.
Just know you are in our thoughts and we aim to help you.
Remember when you thought you couldn’t, wouldn’t survive?
Yet you did and can do it again.
Keep going.
You are not a burden,
You are not a waste of space,
You matter to us, all of us.
You are not a victim,
You are a survivor.
You slay so many demons every day,
You are a warrior.
Thank you for sticking around.
We are here for you.

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