Wellness Wednesday's

4 Tips For Doing More With What You Have

We've seen quite a few people on social media mention that they are struggling with finding things to do during lockdown but don't want to buy new things. So today, we are bringing you our favourite tips on what you can do with what you have!
  1. Improve your cooking skills: This is one of the easiest new hobbies you can do during COVID. Everyone can improve their cooking skills one way or another, who doesn’t like improving their food quality? You can improve how you chop ingredients, find new recipes to make. One we’ve been loving recently is lamb dhal. 
  2. Watch docu-series and documentaries: We know a lot of you can’t go to the cinema right now & watching the same things on Netflix can get super boring. So why not watch an informative doco? Not only do you learn something new but you’re also positively stimulating your brain!
  3. Take up meditation: It’s an easy 3-step process, find an app like Smiling Minds, download it and use it! We love smiling minds, it’s backed by science to improve your mental health & well-being. It takes 3-minutes in a quiet space to change your entire day. 
  4. Start at home workouts: An app we love is FitOn, they have HEAPS of free online workouts. From strength workouts to deep stretching, there is something for everyone. You can even work out with your kids!

These 4-tips are a sure fire way for making do with what you have at home during lockdown or isolation.

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