4 Tips For Improving Motivation

Here are our tips for improving motivation when it seems like you don’t have any:

  1. Adjust your sleeping pattern: Chances are you could be under or over-sleeping. Sleeping too much or too little (less than 8 hours) can impact your mental health dramatically. It causes fatigue, lethargy, mental fog, you are more prone to getting sick and it’s an all-round bad time.
  2. Change your alarms: It’s possible that your sleeping routine isn’t working for you. Maybe you’re getting up earlier than your body can handle, maybe you’re getting up later than you’d like. Either way, changing your alarms to suit your current needs is a step in increasing your motivation throughout the day. 
  3. Rest: Take a mental health day or an afternoon if you’re super busy. Giving your body a chance to actually relax & recharge is how we come back stronger and more motivated. We know it’s hard to relax sometimes so even doing a little self-care like eating well and exercising is a great way to keep your motivation on track. 
  4. Reach out: Talking about how you’re struggling can be beneficial by putting your life in perspective and getting back on track. There is no shame in talking about what’s been going on for you & if anyone says otherwise please don’t listen to them!

We have been trying to implement these tips in our routines lately & they seem to be working for us! Let us know your favourites in the comments below!!

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Sending love & light – SMP.

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