A Note: Remember Who The F*ck You Are

Do you ever feel so uninspired in life that everything seems like a chore?
Do you ever feel like life gets too much & you find it hard to cope?
Do you ever just feel, meh?

Me too.

But I’m here for you, to tell you that you got this. By “this” I mean life, see it as a gift rather than a burden. You have a chance to make it whatever the fuck you want.

You are strong.
The world only throws at you what you can handle. You’ve come this far right? Why back down now? You got this.
Life is hard, harder for some- but you got this. What’s that inspirational Kayne lyric? “[life] makes us harder, better, faster, stronger”.

You are capable.
Do you dream big but feel unworthy? Well, friend, you’re worthy and you’re capable of achieving big. Set a goal & get it done. You. Got. This.
You can achieve whatever you set your mind to, manifest that shit & it will come- as long as you put in the work.

You are brave.
You are brave to have come this far, God knows a lot of people haven’t. Yet you’re still here, standing, kneeling, fighting. You are brave for still being here even if right now you’re not giving your all. You got this.

You are courageous.
Whatever you’ve gone through & whatever has happened to you, you don’t let it beat you. You don’t let it control your life & you haven’t let it bring you down. Remember who the fuck you are, a strong, capable, brave, courageous person who deserves the world & more.

You are smart.
Maybe not the smartest, but who is?
You have a brain, you can use it to your advantage or not at all. Choose knowledge, choose power & persevere in life. Always jump at a chance to learn or inspire someone because it’s the best feeling. Take what you can but don’t forget to give back.

You are beautiful, yes, you!
Need I say more?
Restore that twinkle in your eye, get back your game because you are beautiful & deserve to feel it.
Now, repeat after me: you are beautiful.

Most importantly, you are needed.
You are fucking needed. Have I stressed my point enough?
Good, because it’s true. We need you, for all that you are. For all that you possess. We need your story, we need your inspiration. We. Need. You.
We need you to be our light when it’s dark & to fight for us when we can’t fight for ourselves. You are needed and you are valued, for all that you are & all that you do. Fuck anyone who tells you otherwise or makes you feel like you’re not needed. They don’t deserve you. You deserve you.

Love & light, always – SMP

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