How Perfectionism Is Hindering Your Well-being

“You are magnificent beyond measure,

perfect in your imperfections, and wonderfully made.”

– Abiola Abrams

Do you strive for the best in everything you do?
Do you get irritated when you don’t get 100% success rates on things?
If you answered yes, sorry to break it to you but that’s unrealistic.


We said what we said. But we’re also here to help. Don’t take this as a negative but as a learning process. Perfection isn’t real, its a standard society has set in someone’s mind who has passed in on throughout generations.

No ones “perfect” looks the same, everyone has different standards, different levels of worth and different goals (crazy, I know). Your idea of perfect might be staying in an entry-level position, it might be buying a house and raising a family, it might be none of those things & guess what?

Perfect is just an idea, its not reality. Being the best all the time is exhausting and it takes a negative toll on your well-being and mental health. It overloads your central nervous system, overloads arousal and increases anxiety & depression.
There is nothing worse than striving for perfection and cracking in the process. So stop it, please.
Focus on the progress you have made thus far and look back at all you’ve done to get where you are now.
Appreciate the process more and focus on perfection less.
Life isn’t about being perfect, it’s about learning and thriving in whatever you want to do, not what’s expected of you or what you need to do.

Adjusting your mindset from perfection to progress makes all the difference. Give it a go & let us know how you go!

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