Breaking Down Societal Expectations Of Body Image

I think this is something everyone at some point struggles with, body positivity. Our bodies are constantly changing & growing, they start looking different at a certain age- for some, it’s sooner, others it’s later. Either way, it can cause us to dislike our shapes and sizes, putting a strain on our mental health.

We end up looking in the mirror less not liking what we see.
Eating either very healthy and restrictive or binging on processed foods that make us feel worse.
Excessively working out doing multiple high-intensity workouts a day.
Putting strain on our internal processes and depriving them of what they need to function; carbs.
We’re taught from young ages that we need to eat a certain amount of fruits and vegetables, play sport, and look a certain way. Then we start growing up & puberty hits us like a tonne of bricks. We start getting hormones that change our metabolism, our skin, our weight, and height.
Then we enter adulthood where we work, study, have an active social life all the while trying to eat 5 serves of fruit and veg a day, drink 1L of water, count our calories, exert more exercise than we consume in food, and by the time we hit our 30’s we are fucking exhausted and literal messes.
For what? To actively keep up with what society expects and tells us is normal. There is no normal body type, there’s no one size fits all. It’s okay to not submit to the stereotype.
Do you know why? Because your mental health is more important.
Eat the doughnut, the pizza, the fruit, the vegetables- or don’t.
No one is forcing you to compete with anyone so let’s stop competing with each other in our heads. Let’s embrace our body types, our different shapes and weights because we will be happier with not being society’s standard of perfect (which is impossible to reach btw)!!

We are strong,
We are beautiful,
We are perfectly imperfect just the way we are,
We don’t need society to tell us we’re worthy, we are worthy,
We are amazing & we all need to know that.

The next time you’re standing in the mirror & feel less than you are because of what you see in the mirror, know that doesn’t make up all that you are. If you shine from the inside, you’ll shine from the outside too!
Believe you are worthy & amazing, because of the person you are on the inside, not what you look like on the outside.
There is more to life than the way you look & that should be a constant reminder!!

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