Are Negative Thoughts Affecting Your Well-Being?

Hello! Welcome to another Wellness Wednesday post!!

If you’re new here we post mental health Monday posts as well as wellness Wednesday posts.

This week’s Wellness Wednesday post is discussing negative thoughts, we have a whole other post on negative thoughts and how to decrease them, click here for more!

But today we’re talking about how they affect our mental health & overall well-being.

Negative thoughts are those little anxieties or insecurities we just can’t seem to shake inside our heads. For example “you’re useless”, “you’re unlovable” and “who would love you?”.

Negative thoughts affect several things from the way we think to the way we function physiologically.

Negative thoughts affect:

  • Our thoughts,
  • The way we perceive others,
  • The way we perceive the world around us,
  • And of course, how we perceive ourselves (e.g., our abilities and our self-esteem).

Not only do they affect our mental health they also affect our well-being.

Negative thoughts can cause:

Negative thoughts can shift our mindset from positive to negative in a matter of minutes which cause us to make irrational decisions and spiral into a cycle of sadness, causing us to be unmotivated, & have unenjoyment in life.

We know that negative thoughts suck! But did you know that they could suck that much?

Neither did we until we experienced them firsthand. But now that we have, we can help others to feel better & to help you get them under control!

If you or someone you know is struggling with negative thoughts reach out to a professional or if you can afford it, see our resources.

We hope you’re all doing okay & for those still in lockdown all over the world, we heard you, we’re with you & we wish you well.

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