The Fear Of The “Unknown”

What’s the first thing you think of when someone says, “the unknown”?

Is it when lockdown will end?

Is it dying?

Yeh, our thoughts go there too.

Given that tomorrow we are going to do the same routine as today, isn’t scary right? so why do we fear the unknown?

It’s because as humans we crave knowing things, we’re curious creatures and more so now, knowledge is key.

Think about it, we as a community are always constantly learning or seeking knowledge. We keep up with fades to know what they’re like, to know what works and what doesn’t. We read books to gain skills and have our creativity ignited. We seek out education, one way or another to extend our knowledge and further our growth.

So, the idea behind the fear of the unknown is very real to us and often causes us anxiety (a natural stress response).

So how do we decrease the fear of the unknown?

We’re glad you asked! Here are our tips for decreasing the fear of the unknown:

  • Accept that there is always going to be a gap in our knowledge when it comes to this because we are always chasing the unknown. However, looking back at how far you’ve come in your life can help ease the anxiety for things to come.
  • Set goals for the month- having things to achieve within the month can help you decrease your fear of the unknown as you’ll be working towards something and know what to expect.
  • Learn a new skill- As we’ve mentioned, we are curious beings and learning new skills is how we grow in life.
  • Journal- writing about your worries helps make sense of them. Sometimes our thoughts can run wild and journaling can help us stay grounded and less anxious. We have a previous post on journaling & how to journal, click here to check it out!
  • Keep moving forward- every day is a new opportunity to keep moving forward because dwelling on the past never gets us anywhere, right?
  • Practice gratitude- Gratitude practices are a great way to decrease this fear of the unknown and grounds us to be present in the here & now. We have a great gratitude resource to get you started if you need it, click here for more.

Starting with these tips is a fire way to decrease our fear of the unknown, especially during COVID! We hope these are useful if they are, what’s your favourite one? Leave us a comment down below to let us know.

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