Inhale, Exhale, Everything Will Be Okay, Won’t It?

Big breath in, hold it. Big slow breath out.

Do you wake up some mornings with anxiety that you can’t identify with? The source of it is unknown, but suffocating?

Honestly, same.

Some days waking up anxious ruins the entire day, you’re extremely impatient, finding it hard to breathe deeply & to let go…

So, what can we do to come back down to earth?

Accept that this is how we’ve woken up, embrace the anxiety & not let it rule our day! Easier said than done right?

Well, how about grounding ourselves by:

  • Putting out feet into dirt, grass, sand, ocean etc – anything that’s calming,
  • Take a few deep, deep breaths; for a few minutes giving your mind a chance to catch up with your body. Sometimes they get out of sync and need a second.
  • Write it all out; getting all of your worries, fears, problems out on paper is a great way to stop carrying them around! We have an article to how to journal, click here.
  • Cry. It. Out. Yep, crying is a great stress reliever and funnily enough, makes us feel better. Cry for as long as you need in a safe space that works for you. There is no shame in crying, don’t listen to anyone who makes you think that, especially your mind- it tells lies sometimes.
  • Move your body; yoga or walking is a gentle low anxiety/stress workout. Our aim is to try and lessen our anxiousness and stress, so let’s start small.

Sometimes anxiety stays with us for a while, we hope these tips have helped lessen it even a little bit.

What’s your favourite destresser or way you decrease anxiety? Leave us a comment below!

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