Setting New Intentions For December


*Noun. Meaning; aim or plan.

Holy Moley, where did November go? How is it already the start of December? Oh, that’s right, the world shut down because of a deadly airborne virus…. Say no more.

So, SMP community, do you have any aims or goals for December? Tell us in the comments below.

Every month without fail SMP HQ set their intentions for the month, so far it has worked like a charm! We exceeded our monthly follower goal- a big hello to all of our new followers! We are so excited to have you join us!! We keep putting out content that you guys seem to enjoy reading & we continue to strive to help even one person- that’s how this blog, turned site started.

Hands up who feels less alone because of it? *raises hand*

Anyway, setting new intentions for each month is a powerful motivator and goal tracker to a better & brighter future. Yes, it can be hard to think of things in lockdown or quarantine- but one thing can make a difference so start small and grow! It could be as simple as washing your face in the morning, every morning for the entirety of December. It could be going for a walk around the block every other day, baby steps make a huge difference & if you don’t believe us, put it to the test!

We like to make a vision board full of pictures and moments to remember and use that as a desktop background, so we are being guided by that each day.

Some benefits of setting intentions are:

  • Increases mindfulness,
  • Keeps you centred,
  • Decreases stress and feelings of overwhelm,
  • Improves focus,
  • Increases goal setting habits,
  • Provides a monthly “roadmap” & keeps you on track,
  • Helps you slay the day/month in a way that suits you.

How are you going to start your December? Comment below!! – SMP

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