Mentally Preparing For The Holidays

Hey SMP fam, we hope you’re doing well! If not, hang in there, you got this!

Today we thought we would mention some previous posts we’ve written to help you get through the holidays!

First up, the widely unspoken hardship on the holidays surrounding suicide. Did you wince? Yeh, that’s unfortunatetly normal, but nonetheless still important to mention first.

Suicide is very common around the holidays that’s why it’s important to have a suicide safety plan in place if you’re experiencing suicidal thoughts and have a plan in place to die. Yep, sounds pretty intense & it is. We’re not going to beat around the bush or sugar coat it at all. Here is a previous post around suicide safety plans as well as a great app you can use to create a plan on your phone with all of the go to info you need to pull yourself off the ledge.

If you are struggling with mental health issues & they seem to heighten around the holidays, check out this post we wrote in 2018 (WOW, might update this one later) about coping with mental illness/health during the holidays. We also made a post about anxiety relief apps if you get super anxious around christmas and new years, give them a go & comment below with your favourite one!

Lastly, we wanted to draw your attention to an oldie but a goodie post we wrote on tips for seeking mental health support, if you need it please please please seek it!!!

We hope these posts help you during what can seem like a busy & overwhelming time. Apologies if it wasn’t what you were expecting this week, we’ll be back on Wednesday (AEDT) for Wellness Wednesday!

Take care- SMP HQ.

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