4 Tips On Creating Boundaires For Better Mental Health

How do you feel about boundaries? Do you find it hard to set them in relationships? Do you find it hard to set them in friendships for fear of being alone?

If you answered yes to any of those q’s, you’re not alone. It’s very common to feel this way because it could cause conflict with people. Here’s how you can gently set boundaries for yourself & others to achieve better mental health:

  1. Do it slowly & over time: don’t sweep the rug out from under yourself or others. It can be as simple as distancing yourself from people who require a lot of energy, or activities that require a lot of energy.
  2. Practice makes perfect: practice how you’re going to set boundaries and write them down to have with you as you set them.
  3. Speak your mind: If someone asks what’s wrong or if you’re okay, kindly tell them what’s on your mind. 9/10 times people will have no idea what’ wrong so you need to tell them! It’s okay to do that, just approach it nicely, calmly & gently.
  4. Make self-care a priority: setting yourself to soar is important. Having practises in place to be able to feel good, in general, & about setting such boundaries is important.

We will have more on boundaries in an upcoming project, but for now, these should help you get started!!

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