8 Tips For Being Street Smart To Decrease Anxiety

Lately we’ve been seeing growing numbers of violence all over the globe. As of late the American Capitol was rioted by neo-nazi, pro-trump supporters refusing to admit defeated. As such, we have been compelled to write a post, to help you feel safer. Regardless of politics, we all deserve to feel safe.

As SMP is a female run blog turned business, we are all too familiar with being- no, needing, to be street smart. However, as growing acts of violence rise, it seemingly becomes less about sex and more about politics, culture, and race. Leaving everyone in harms way.

Today in this special post, we’re sharing our tips for being street smart to decrease anxiety when in the wider community.

1. Stay indoors if possible: pretty simple, right? Not always, you might be compelled to go and help others, or to try and stop what’s going on. That’s all well and good, but will that keep you safe?

2. Carry keys in your hand: a DIY weapon you can’t get arrested for.

3. Let someone know where you are, the eta of when you’ll get to where you’re going, and what to do if you’re later than expected.

4. Don’t be out after dark: when the sun goes down shit gets real. Get home ASAP, especially before dark.

5. Don’t engage with people that seem aggressive, hostile, or looking for a fight, avoid them at all costs. Head down, be on alert, and take precautions.

6. Don’t take public transport at night: goes hand in hand with not being out after dark, but if you are, get an Uber.

7. Make sure you have money in case you need to use it: of course, ubers aren’t free. Make sure you have enough money to get out of situations you don’t want to be in.

8. Trust your gut: instincts don’t lie, if you’re feeling unsafe- get home ASAP. If your gut is telling you something’s off, it’s right. Don’t overlook what your body is trying to tell you. Our central nervous system developed the flight or fight response for a reason- to either run from predators or fight them. Today, it’s still there because we still get threatened, by people and by situations. Don’t ignore your gut.

We could go on and on about tips for being street smart, but we’ll be here all night. So we’ll leave it at these. We hope all of our American readers are safe and looking forward to a better government, whatever your political stance is. To all of our international readers from England, Ireland, Africa, to name a few- we also hope you’re doing okay. Know that you are always in our prays. Keep going, you’ve got this – with love, SMP HQ.

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