Turning Lemons From 2020 Into Lemonade In 2021

Y’all seemed to really like our 2020 post “When Life Gives You Lemons“, so we thought we would do another, all about making lemonade with lemons from 2020.

Most likely the lemons we have are painful right? They feel like setbacks. But friend, now it’s all about the comebacks!

Let’s get busy with re-focussing on the turning the setbacks into comebacks- do what you need to do to feel better inside your mind and outside of your body.

Maintain that focus on yourself, you’re getting there & you’ve got this!

Keep making a plan for moving forward, keep turning your pain into power- your power, your energy!

Look back at all you’ve gone through, all of the highs & the lows, reflect on how much shit has happened in your life and use it as your weapon on motivation to strive for better- people, days, whatever. Striving for better, is how you rise up & step into your true energy.

Let’s keep making that sweet lemonade!

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