6 Tips for Making Work Life Easier

We know a lot of you are in lockdown, however, here in Australia, we are not. Today we wanted to share some tips for making work life easier when you’re always on the go. Now we know this applies more to our Australian readers at the moment, but hopefully, for all of our international readers, this can still be useful at some stage too.

Finding a work-home life balance can be difficult from setting alarms to preparing lunches so we wanted to share our tips for making it a hell of a lot easier.

  1. Find healthy pre-packaged lunches from your local grocery store: It takes the hassle away of having to prepare your lunch every day & still allows you to get your daily dose of fruits & veggies.
  2. If you’re a coffee drinker, buy some coffee sachets you can instantly have at work for a little pick me up when strapped for time.
  3. Pack fruit: Nothing like good sugars to keep you on the go.
  4. Buy little packets of snacks: Like chips and a muffin. They’re easy to pack on will keep you full throughout the day.
  5. Don’t skip out on breakfast: Lately, we’ve been loving a smoothie full of healthy fats [flaxseed], fruit & protein powder to keep us full until lunch. It’s quick & easy, perfect for your commute to work [or the study]!
  6. Use a water bottle: Keeping hydrated at work is a must! We’re sure you know this, but it decreases headaches and of course dehydration.

Keeping it simple goes a long way to decreasing stress & making sure you’re still eating properly. We hope you liked these tips, comment below which one was your favourite or one that you’re keen to try out!

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