Our Top 5 Posts For When You’re Feeling Sick Or Down

Staying ontop of your health can sometimes be a chore, it can be a real drag especially when you don’t have time to rest. Today we are bringing you our TOP 5 POSTS JAM PACKED FULL OF TIPS, TRICKS & IDEA to help you feel better!

  1. Up first is 12 tips to help you feel better when you’re sick– we don’t know about you, but we definitely need that right about now! Can you guess what the first tip is??
  2. Next in line is 4 tips to help you improve your motivation– another god send if we do say so ourselves. We might be a little biased though, considering we came up with them! How do you improve your motivation?? Leave us a tip below in the comments!
  3. Last but definitely not least is should you take a mental health day? – short answer yes, long answer- in the post!

A short and sweet post for your Wellness Wednesday- but still very valuable in the grand scheme of things!

We hope you all feel better soon, stay safe, & don’t forget to wear a mask – SMP HQ

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A mental health & wellness site that provides a safe space to read about mental health and wellness content written by a certified provisional psychologist. The idea is to educate, break the stigma surronding mental health, and provide support to those who need it.

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