The Truth About 2022

On the first day of a new year social media is flooded with posts and videos of people who had a great year, but what about the ones that didn’t?

We don’t know about you, but 2022 was a challenging year. It was the year we all come out of COVID-19 restrictions, it was the year that we were allowed to return to normal, whatever that looks like now.

It was the year of growth and for a lot of people, it was a year of survival.

So, while social media floods with influencers who had an amazing year, if you just survived- you did amazingly.

To keep going when you don’t want to or can’t find the energy and motivation to keep going but did anyway- you’re the real people who deserve to be seen.

We see you.

We appreciate you.

We are inspired by you.

It’s you, that gives others the strength to continue too.

Let’s leave 2022 behind, and step into our strength this new year. May 2023 be full of fun and abundance for you, and may you achieve everything you’ve ever wanted and set your mind to. May your resolutions be achievable.

Wishing you all a safe new year and we thank you for your continued support.

The Sharp Minds Psychology Team


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