5 Tips for Managing Depression

Struggling with depression can feel like being stuck in a deep, dark, hole with no way out. Its filled with negative self-talk, insecurities, and self-doubt. According to research, in 2017-18, more than three million Australians live with anxiety or depression. If you’re struggling to pull yourself out of the dark hole that is depression, IContinue reading “5 Tips for Managing Depression”

The Importance of Routine For Mental Health

New year, new you, right? Wrong. New year, better you. I hate the saying “new year, new you” because it creates an unhealthy construct that everything we did the year prior was wrong or bad when it wasn’t. Without those prior years, we wouldn’t be the person we are today and that’s something to beContinue reading “The Importance of Routine For Mental Health”

4 Must Have Anxiety Relief Apps

I know for many the holidays can be a daunting time. I also know that for some every day is daunting and filled with anxiety and depression. Personally, there are times of the year when I find it extremely hard to cope because of stress and anxiety. I’m a very proactive person (most of theContinue reading “4 Must Have Anxiety Relief Apps”

Finding Your Purpose & Meaning in Life

Finding purpose and meaning in life can be difficult. I know I have struggled with feeling unfulfilled and feeling like I don’t have a sense of purpose in life. Sometimes it’s hard to see through the fog of self-doubt and anxiety (because it seems never-ending) and realise the bigger picture that is my life (andContinue reading “Finding Your Purpose & Meaning in Life”

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