At Sharp Minds Psychology, we pride ourselves on being an accessible, inclusive mental health service for all, regardless of people’s race, ethnicity, culture, socioeconomic status, gender, or occupation.

We do not charge for admin time, resource building, phone calls, and brief letters for our clinicians. We only bill for therapy sessions.
There is a current medicare rebate of $89.65 per session, available with a valid GP referral and Mental Health Treatment Plan, for up to 10 sessions in total per calendar year (this includes sessions with another psychologist you may have attended during the year).

We value and respect our client’s time and in that we believe our fees reflect such respect. Unlike other Practice’s our prices are below the standard rate for therapy. Our fees are lower than the APS recommended fees for a 50-minute session with a psychologist (currently $251).

When booking our clients, we take care not to overbook our clinicians to ensure that they can be emotionally present as possible for their clients.

We ensure that their caseloads are adequate which also allows for sufficient time to complete the following:
A 50-minute therapy session.
Time to complete comprehensive session plans.
Complete emails and calls to other services as needed.
Build resources for clients to use outside of sessions.

Phone Consultation
  • Recieve a phone consultation with our trained staff before booking your first appointment.
Initial Intake Session
  • Your first session with our clinicians involves a 60-minute session which involves a thorough assessment of your needs and concerns.
  • Our Psychologists study the mind and behavior, and apply their knowledge to understand, explain, and treat mental health issues. They use a variety of scientific methods and techniques to research, assess, and treat individuals with mental health problems, such as anxiety, depression, stress, and other emotional or behavioral issues
  • (Medicare Rebates Available).
  • Our counsellors provide emotional support and guidance to individuals who are dealing with personal, emotional, or mental health problems. They work with clients on a wide range of issues, including relationship problems, stress, anxiety, depression, grief, addiction, and other mental health concerns (Sliding Scale Applied).


We pay our respects to Elders past, present, and emerging. We celebrate the stories, culture, and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders of all communities who also work and live on this land. At our Practice, we believe in the importance of inclusion, valuing and celebrating the diversity of all individuals, including those who identify as neurodiverse, Transgender, and a part of the LGBTQIA+ communities.

Do you have questions about our services or team we offer?


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