At Sharp Minds Psychology, we have developed e-guides that have been designed to help you improve various aspects of your sleep, your relationships, your mindset & more!

Our Mental health e-guides, also known as online guides or e-books, are digital resources that provide information and guidance on various mental health topics. They can be accessed online and are available for download.

Our Mental health e-guides can cover a wide range of topics, including specific mental health conditions, treatment options, self-care strategies, and coping skills. They may be written by mental health professionals, such as therapists or psychologists, or by individuals with lived experience of mental health challenges.

Download our mental health e-guides below!

Building Lasting Relationships is an interactive guide designed to help you improve your romantic relationship(s). It’s a 35+ page PDF full of useful information & activities for you and your partner(s) to really understand each other.
$10 AUD (once off payment securely via Stripe).

There are many factors that contribute to poor sleep and in this workbook we explore the factors specifically effecting your sleep. We also help you develop positive strategies for better sleep!
The Restful Sleep Workbook is available as a 4-page PDF e-book.

$5 AUD (once off payment securely via Stripe).

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