Improving Our Self-Esteem

Becoming mentally healthy is easier said than done for most people. It takes a lot of time and dedication to self-care, time people don’t seem to have. Here I will share some tips that aren’t time consuming and doable for everyone. Like many, I sometimes struggle with my self-confidence and esteem especially when my acneContinue reading “Improving Our Self-Esteem”

6 Tips For Seeking Mental Health Support

Sometimes seeking help for mental health issues is easier said than done. You can want the help but seeking it is the hardest part, why? Because you have to admit to yourself something is wrong and that you need help. In this article I’m going to take you through the when/where/why/how of seeking help andContinue reading “6 Tips For Seeking Mental Health Support”

Special Edition: All About Suicide Safety Plans

All you need to know about A Suicide Safety Plan.

Is Your Environment Affecting Your Mental Health?

Have you ever wondered why you thrive better in some environments than you do in others? I’ve thought about it a lot over the last week with various people I know having their environment impact their emotions and ultimately their mental health. Research suggests that we have a distinctive awareness of our environment and seekContinue reading “Is Your Environment Affecting Your Mental Health?”

Mental Health Stigma

More now than ever mental health stigma needs to be addressed, so serious changes within society can occur. Over the weekend in Melbourne, Australia (November 9) there was a tragic turn of events where an individual stabbed three people and set a car on fire. As a result, one person died. The person responsible alsoContinue reading “Mental Health Stigma”

Get your Mental Health Back on Track

Now and then we get a bit off track. Our routines change and we’re left with a lot of free time with our thoughts. Something we can all relate to, right? The day seems to get longer, warmer, less busy. However, for some, they get busier, shorter, with less time to acknowledge thoughts. Either way, theyContinue reading “Get your Mental Health Back on Track”

Coping with Loss

The loss of a loved one is sometimes plus a part in diminishing mental health and self-care. It is an emotion so strong it stops all others in its tracks. It takes over your entire body; your total emotional well-being is under threat. I know it sounds dramatic, but it’s often true. Losing a lovedContinue reading “Coping with Loss”

What is Mental Health?

Mental health is different for all of us, yet the most relatable and understandable definition (in my opinion) is “being able to cope with the stressors of life and being able to process thoughts and feelings which allow us to be productive in society”. I want to specify here that mental health is different toContinue reading “What is Mental Health?”

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