Building Lasting Relatioships

Okay so, we’ve been working on something very exciting! We are so excited to introduce our first ever guide! Its called Building Lasting Relationships. FAQ's about the Building Lasting Relationships guide: What is it? Building Lasting Relationships is a 35+ page PDF interactive guide. Designed to help you improve your relationship(s).What’s inside? The guide helps…

What Suicide Prevention Should Look Like

A recently unsettled realisation we’ve come across is the overwhelming fact that suicide, however taboo, is a complex situation. For many, self harm & suicide are a way to take away the pain they’re feeling- whether that’s a teen struggling with friendships, family and navigating growing up, or an adult family man who finds it…

How to Place Your Energy In 2021

At the beginning of January, we wrote a post about where to place your energy in 2021. A lot of you seemed to really enjoy that [which were super happy about]. So today we thought we would write one about how to place your energy in 2021.

Where To Place Your Energy In 2021

We are back!! We hope you had a healing end of the year & are hyped to make 2021 a better vibe. Today we're discussing where to place tyour energy this year! Any guesses on our answer???