Breaking Down Societal Expectations Of Body Image

I think this is something everyone at some point struggles with, body positivity. Our bodies are constantly changing & growing, they start looking different at a certain age- for some, it's sooner, others it's later. Either way, it can cause us to dislike our shapes and sizes, putting a strain on our mental health. We…

How Perfectionism Is Hindering Your Well-being

“You are magnificent beyond measure, perfect in your imperfections, and wonderfully made.” - Abiola Abrams Do you strive for the best in everything you do?Do you get irritated when you don't get 100% success rates on things?If you answered yes, sorry to break it to you but that's unrealistic. Stop! We said what we said.…

When It Feels Like No One’s In Your Corner (With Free Infographic)

But I often feel forgotten, can you relate? I feel like everyone gets so caught up with their own lives they forget to think about others (don't think I'm not guilty of that because I definitely am). Yet, there have been times when I'm the one always checking on "friends" to see if they're okay. It's often me making the first move to maintain the "friendship".

A Note For Those Who Are Feeling Stuck

Hey there, I hope you're doing okay. I hear you're stuck in a bad situation, maybe you're stuggling mentally with COVID-19 or emotionally with loss & grief. This note is for you, read on.

Care Packs For Kids

Hello to all of our parents here ar SMP! I don't know about you, but I wish I had resources that helped me cope as a kid, don't you? Click to read on about some great tools to help your kids cope with life!

What Is Environmental Wellness?

This week we're kicking Wellness Wednesday off with an article all about environmental wellness and its impact on mental health. Environmental wellness is living in harmony with the earth in a way that benefits you as well as nature. This means having a clean, tidy, and sustainable environment where you can grow and flourish. If…