A Letter to Your Future Self: Words of Wisdom and Encouragement

Dear Future Self, I hope this message finds you well and that you are thriving in all areas of your life. As I write this, I am filled with hope and excitement for all that the future holds for you. I want you to know that you are strong and capable of achieving all thatContinue reading “A Letter to Your Future Self: Words of Wisdom and Encouragement”

Embrace Your Authenticity: How to Be True to Yourself and Thrive

Embracing who we are as humans can be a challenging, but ultimately rewarding journey. It requires us to be honest with ourselves and to let go of societal expectations and the need for external validation. Here are some tips for embracing who we really are: Embracing who we are as humans is a lifelong process,Continue reading “Embrace Your Authenticity: How to Be True to Yourself and Thrive”

How Telehealth for Mental Health is Changing the Game

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic telehealth has been a game-changer in the field of mental health. In the past, seeking help for mental health issues meant scheduling appointments, traveling to an office, and meeting with a therapist in person. But with the rise of telehealth, mental health services are more accessible and convenientContinue reading “How Telehealth for Mental Health is Changing the Game”

Celebrating International Women’s Day

As a business, we pledge to actively promote gender equality and the empowerment of women in all aspects of our operations, both in the workplace and in the communities we serve. On International Women’s Day and every day, we commit to creating a culture of respect and inclusivity, where all individuals are valued and have equal opportunities to succeed. We will work to eliminate any barriers that may prevent women from reaching their full potential and will actively promote and support the advancement of women in leadership roles. We are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of women and girls around the world.

New Beginnings: A Psychology Practice Now Open to Help You Achieve Your Best Self

Are you in need of psychological support but unsure of where to turn? Look no further! We are now accepting clients. At Sharp Minds Psychology, we understand that seeking help for mental health can be overwhelming and intimidating. That’s why we strive to create a safe, welcoming, and non-judgmental environment for all of our clients.Continue reading “New Beginnings: A Psychology Practice Now Open to Help You Achieve Your Best Self”


Release what doesn’t serve you, what you don’t deserve (because you deserve better) and focus on forward movement. Here are a few things to remember going into a new week: It’s okay to miss someone and still recognise you deserve better than who they were to you. You are too smart to worry and tooContinue reading “EVERYTHING YOU DO NOW IS FOR YOUR FUTURE”


So, you’re sick, with the big scary virus going around worldwide… We’ve also been there, so today we’re sharing some tips to help ride out the storm! Embrace the fact that you need to rest: What a more perfect time to enjoy resting, especially when you’re sick, the most important time your body needs theContinue reading “4 IDEAS FOR SURVIVING COVID-19 ISOLATION”

the restful sleep workbook

Hey there SMP community! We have an exciting announcement for you. Introducing The Restful Sleep Workbook. There are many factors that contribute to poor sleep and in this workbook we explore the factors specifically effecting your sleep. We also help you develop positive strategies for better sleep! The Restful Sleep Workbook is available as aContinue reading “the restful sleep workbook”

take what you need: holidays edition

We know the holidays can be stressful for a lot of you, which is why we’ve put together some past posts for you to check out in hope to relieve some tension. Take a look and if you like what you read, please consider subscribing to join our growing community, big love from all ofContinue reading “take what you need: holidays edition”

Embrace Who You Really Are

How long are you going to avoid who you really are? How long are you willing to not step into your power? When do you want to start living the life you want and stop living in a cage? Make the change. If you’re felling stuck, run toward to fear instead of away from it.Continue reading “Embrace Who You Really Are”

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