For those coming out of summer and into winter, the shock on the body is real.Apparently, according to science, the drop in temperature increases our appetite, while the lack of sunlight decreases our happy brain chemicals, what a combo.So what do we do to get through the colder months? Here are some ideas: Take vitaminsContinue reading “CHANGING WITH THE SEASONS”


Last year we made a post all about setting goals and staying organised to slay them! Since you all seemed to really like it, we’re back with another inspiring post all about how to slay your goals and make the most out of what’s left of 2022.Slaying goals are all about keeping them simple andContinue reading “SLAY YOUR GOALS”

the restful sleep workbook

Hey there SMP community! We have an exciting announcement for you. Introducing The Restful Sleep Workbook. There are many factors that contribute to poor sleep and in this workbook we explore the factors specifically effecting your sleep. We also help you develop positive strategies for better sleep! The Restful Sleep Workbook is available as aContinue reading “the restful sleep workbook”

Living In Fear Is Not Living

Is it easier to live in our comfort zone where fear rules our actions? Of course, but it’s not where we grow. We grow by challenging ourselves and our ability to overcome even the scariest of things. What’s one thing you’re scared to do right now? How come? Because you don’t know what the outcomeContinue reading “Living In Fear Is Not Living”

Embrace Who You Really Are

How long are you going to avoid who you really are? How long are you willing to not step into your power? When do you want to start living the life you want and stop living in a cage? Make the change. If you’re felling stuck, run toward to fear instead of away from it.Continue reading “Embrace Who You Really Are”

3 Self-Care Ideas To Decrease Stress

Hands up, who’s stressed?? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Try these self-care ideas to decrease stress: Deep breathing: taking deep breathes throughout the day helps decrease stress and anxiety. It also keeps you grounded and feeling good. Try it here. Move your body: go for a walk in the park, take your dog toContinue reading “3 Self-Care Ideas To Decrease Stress”

Life Is What You Make Of It

Hey there, how are you? Yeh, same. It Feels like forever since we’ve connected. Since we’ve put out a post. Thank you for sticking around, it means a lot. Where has life taken us, hey? To help and back maybe. So much so we’ve gone radio silent. But we’re here now. To tell you somethingContinue reading “Life Is What You Make Of It”

Here’s What We’ve Learnt About Suicide…

In the wake of the Meghan Markle interview with Oprah there has been uproar. Uproar about how a princess, dutchess rather, could ever be suicidal. That’s the sad truth though, no matter your circumstances feeling suicidal & wanting to die is a very real thing. Age, sex, gender identity, rich, poor- no matter who youContinue reading “Here’s What We’ve Learnt About Suicide…”

7 Self-Care Ideas To Decrease Anxiety

Hey SMP fam, We hope you’re doing well! Do you ever forget to breathe? Do you ever feel so stressed you could implode? Same. Today we are bringing you some tips to help decrease your feelings of overwhelm & anxiety. Light a candle- We all know candles are well known for their soothing and healingContinue reading “7 Self-Care Ideas To Decrease Anxiety”

Where There’s A Will There’s A Way: What Therapists Should & Shouldn’t Do In Session

We can’t count how many times therapists are poorly depicted in film & TV, which often gives people the wrong idea about the work we actually do with clients. A lot of the time people think that therapists are there to agree with clients & go along with whatever they like. Yes, therapists can goContinue reading “Where There’s A Will There’s A Way: What Therapists Should & Shouldn’t Do In Session”

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