6 Tips For Seeking Mental Health Support

Sometimes seeking help for mental health issues is easier said than done. You can want the help but seeking it is the hardest part, why? Because you have to admit to yourself something is wrong and that you need help. In this article I’m going to take you through the when/where/why/how of seeking help andContinue reading “6 Tips For Seeking Mental Health Support”

What It Means To Be Mentally Healthy

Before doing some research for the new series “Mental Health Monday”, I hadn’t heard the term “mentally healthy” even throughout all my years of study mental health has never be coined that. So, I began to do more research on what it means to be mentally healthy out of pure curiosity. According to research beingContinue reading “What It Means To Be Mentally Healthy”

Finding Your Purpose & Meaning in Life

Finding purpose and meaning in life can be difficult. I know I have struggled with feeling unfulfilled and feeling like I don’t have a sense of purpose in life. Sometimes it’s hard to see through the fog of self-doubt and anxiety (because it seems never-ending) and realise the bigger picture that is my life (andContinue reading “Finding Your Purpose & Meaning in Life”

Special Edition: All About Suicide Safety Plans

All you need to know about A Suicide Safety Plan.

Coping with Loss

The loss of a loved one is sometimes plus a part in diminishing mental health and self-care. It is an emotion so strong it stops all others in its tracks. It takes over your entire body; your total emotional well-being is under threat. I know it sounds dramatic, but it’s often true. Losing a lovedContinue reading “Coping with Loss”

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