6 Gentle Habits That Speak To The Soul

Here at SMP HQ we are all about feeding our soul this year! Who’s with us?? Today we thought we would share some gentle movements that speak to the soul! Slowly waking up on the weekend, without alarms. This is the ultimate way for our bodies to recharge & a lot of the clients weContinue reading “6 Gentle Habits That Speak To The Soul”

6 Tips For Seeking Mental Health Support

Sometimes seeking help for mental health issues is easier said than done. You can want the help but seeking it is the hardest part, why? Because you have to admit to yourself something is wrong and that you need help. In this article I’m going to take you through the when/where/why/how of seeking help andContinue reading “6 Tips For Seeking Mental Health Support”

What It Means To Be Mentally Healthy

Before doing some research for the new series “Mental Health Monday”, I hadn’t heard the term “mentally healthy” even throughout all my years of study mental health has never be coined that. So, I began to do more research on what it means to be mentally healthy out of pure curiosity. According to research beingContinue reading “What It Means To Be Mentally Healthy”

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