A Little Encourager To Get You Over The Line

Are you finding it harder and harder to push on with things now that the year is finally ending? Honestly, same. But we’re here to tell you, you’ve got this. You can do it!! Go out, slay your goals, & at the end of it, take a break or have a rest! It’s been aContinue reading “A Little Encourager To Get You Over The Line”

Mentally Preparing For The Holidays

Hey SMP fam, we hope you’re doing well! If not, hang in there, you got this! Today we thought we would mention some previous posts we’ve written to help you get through the holidays! First up, the widely unspoken hardship on the holidays surrounding suicide. Did you wince? Yeh, that’s unfortunatetly normal, but nonetheless stillContinue reading “Mentally Preparing For The Holidays”

What Is Manifesting & How Do I Do It?

Last week we did a post on setting new intentions for December as well as turning your dreams into a reality, which some of our community seemed to like! So, we thought why not a post about manifesting, which is essentially how we turn our dreams into a reality (also by working hard and notContinue reading “What Is Manifesting & How Do I Do It?”

How To Make Your Dreams A Reality

Let us specify that this is not clickbait & dives into really simple strategies to achieve everything you want & need in life. Strap in SMP fam, we’ve got a lot to say on this one… Do you ever wonder how people are living their best lives? How they manage to get everything they wantContinue reading “How To Make Your Dreams A Reality”

Inhale, Exhale, Everything Will Be Okay, Won’t It?

Big breath in, hold it. Big slow breath out. Do you wake up some mornings with anxiety that you can’t identify with? The source of it is unknown, but suffocating? Honestly, same. Some days waking up anxious ruins the entire day, you’re extremely impatient, finding it hard to breathe deeply & to let go… So,Continue reading “Inhale, Exhale, Everything Will Be Okay, Won’t It?”

The Fear Of The “Unknown”

What’s the first thing you think of when someone says, “the unknown”? Is it when lockdown will end? Is it dying? Yeh, our thoughts go there too. Given that tomorrow we are going to do the same routine as today, isn’t scary right? so why do we fear the unknown? It’s because as humans weContinue reading “The Fear Of The “Unknown””

They Grow Up So Fast

Happy Wellness Wednesday everyone, we’re so glad you’re here with us!! Instead of putting out our weekly post, we wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you & welcome to all of our new community members! We are growing so fast which is amazing to see. We appreciate the support and kind words onContinue reading “They Grow Up So Fast”

FACT VS FICTION: Debunking Signs Of OCD

Disclaimer: Self diagnosing can do more harm than good, do not take this as a diagnosis. This post is purely for educational purposes & to provide you with facts rather than fiction. We’re back with another Mental Health Monday! A big hello to our worldwide readers, we hope you’re all doing well. Today we’re debunkingContinue reading “FACT VS FICTION: Debunking Signs Of OCD”

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