Here’s What We’ve Learnt About Suicide…

In the wake of the Meghan Markle interview with Oprah there has been uproar. Uproar about how a princess, dutchess rather, could ever be suicidal. That’s the sad truth though, no matter your circumstances feeling suicidal & wanting to die is a very real thing. Age, sex, gender identity, rich, poor- no matter who youContinue reading “Here’s What We’ve Learnt About Suicide…”

It’s Okay To Feel Your Feelings

How are we doing SMP fam?? Not feeling too great? Me neither. If you’re new here, my name is Shae and I’m your friendly cyberhood psychologist. I’m here to let you know that if you’re sad, it’s okay. And it’s going to be okay. I think we can all agree that some days just suck.Continue reading “It’s Okay To Feel Your Feelings”

Where There’s A Will There’s A Way: What Therapists Should & Shouldn’t Do In Session

We can’t count how many times therapists are poorly depicted in film & TV, which often gives people the wrong idea about the work we actually do with clients. A lot of the time people think that therapists are there to agree with clients & go along with whatever they like. Yes, therapists can goContinue reading “Where There’s A Will There’s A Way: What Therapists Should & Shouldn’t Do In Session”

What Childhood Trauma Looks Like & How To Overcome It

Childhood trauma is common, which is sad but true. We have all been brought up with parents going through their own shit, with different parenting styles, sometimes with siblings, sometimes not- either way it can be just as lonely. Often, we don’t even know that the things we experienced as kids was considered trauma. Trauma,Continue reading “What Childhood Trauma Looks Like & How To Overcome It”

Therapeutic Tools Psychologists Use In Session

Okay, so, it’s just occurred to us that we haven’t really spoken about strategies or types of therapy that has helped our clients develop better mental health, take control of their lives & invest in their wellness. Honestly, we don’t know why it’s taken us this long to write about it, given that mental healthContinue reading “Therapeutic Tools Psychologists Use In Session”

How to Place Your Energy In 2021

At the beginning of January, we wrote a post about where to place your energy in 2021. A lot of you seemed to really enjoy that [which were super happy about]. So today we thought we would write one about how to place your energy in 2021.

Turning Lemons From 2020 Into Lemonade In 2021

Y’all seemed to really like our 2020 post “When Life Gives You Lemons“, so we thought we would do another, all about making lemonade with lemons from 2020. Most likely the lemons we have are painful right? They feel like setbacks. But friend, now it’s all about the comebacks! Let’s get busy with re-focussing onContinue reading “Turning Lemons From 2020 Into Lemonade In 2021”

A Little Encourager To Get You Over The Line

Are you finding it harder and harder to push on with things now that the year is finally ending? Honestly, same. But we’re here to tell you, you’ve got this. You can do it!! Go out, slay your goals, & at the end of it, take a break or have a rest! It’s been aContinue reading “A Little Encourager To Get You Over The Line”

Mentally Preparing For The Holidays

Hey SMP fam, we hope you’re doing well! If not, hang in there, you got this! Today we thought we would mention some previous posts we’ve written to help you get through the holidays! First up, the widely unspoken hardship on the holidays surrounding suicide. Did you wince? Yeh, that’s unfortunatetly normal, but nonetheless stillContinue reading “Mentally Preparing For The Holidays”

Setting New Intentions For December

Intentions* *Noun. Meaning; aim or plan. Holy Moley, where did November go? How is it already the start of December? Oh, that’s right, the world shut down because of a deadly airborne virus…. Say no more. So, SMP community, do you have any aims or goals for December? Tell us in the comments below. EveryContinue reading “Setting New Intentions For December”