Where There’s A Will There’s A Way: What Therapists Should & Shouldn’t Do In Session

We can’t count how many times therapists are poorly depicted in film & TV, which often gives people the wrong idea about the work we actually do with clients. A lot of the time people think that therapists are there to agree with clients & go along with whatever they like. Yes, therapists can goContinue reading “Where There’s A Will There’s A Way: What Therapists Should & Shouldn’t Do In Session”

Therapeutic Tools Psychologists Use In Session

Okay, so, it’s just occurred to us that we haven’t really spoken about strategies or types of therapy that has helped our clients develop better mental health, take control of their lives & invest in their wellness. Honestly, we don’t know why it’s taken us this long to write about it, given that mental healthContinue reading “Therapeutic Tools Psychologists Use In Session”

Letting Go of People Who Don’t Make You Happy

Okay SMP fam, today we are discussing the importance of letting go of people who don’t make you feel happy. If 2020 showed us anything (let’s be real it showed us a lot), it showed us who our true allies are, right? Click on to read about how to let go of those who don’t make you happy!

A Little Encourager To Get You Over The Line

Are you finding it harder and harder to push on with things now that the year is finally ending? Honestly, same. But we’re here to tell you, you’ve got this. You can do it!! Go out, slay your goals, & at the end of it, take a break or have a rest! It’s been aContinue reading “A Little Encourager To Get You Over The Line”

FACT VS FICTION: Signs Of Anxiety

We are back with another fact vs viction post! A week ago we did a post on “Debunking Signs of OCD” and this week we are discussing signs of anxiety!! Anxiety is one of the most common human body stress responses. It can occur due to feelings of fear or apprehension of the future. AccordingContinue reading “FACT VS FICTION: Signs Of Anxiety”

Are Negative Thoughts Affecting Your Well-Being?

Hello! Welcome to another Wellness Wednesday post!! If you’re new here we post mental health Monday posts as well as wellness Wednesday posts. This week’s Wellness Wednesday post is discussing negative thoughts, we have a whole other post on negative thoughts and how to decrease them, click here for more! But today we’re talking aboutContinue reading “Are Negative Thoughts Affecting Your Well-Being?”

Daily Gratitude & Body Positivity Practice

We don’t know about you but we haven’t been feeling great over COVID-19 lockdown over here at SMP HQ. We’ve been struggling with our confidence, our body image (let’s be real, the weight we’ve gained) and overall been focussing on the negatives rather than the positives. Does this seem familiar? If it does, you’re inContinue reading “Daily Gratitude & Body Positivity Practice”

Challenging Negative Thoughts

Hello! How are you doing? We hope you’re well. Do you struggle with negative thoughts about yourself or others? Do you find it hard to switch off these thoughts? We do too. Below is our NEW 100% printable A5 workbook designed to reduce your negative thoughts & give you simple tools on changing them!! WeContinue reading “Challenging Negative Thoughts”

4 Tips For Improving Motivation

We don’t know about you, but we have been in struggle town with our motivation lately. If you have too, don’t worry- we got you!

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