6 Tips For Boosting Body Positivity

Body image & body positivity can be a constant struggle especially in an era of social media where access to everyone & everything is available. Today we bring you our top tips for boosting body positivity. Following on from our previous post “Breaking Down Societal Expectations Of Body Image” we thought we would give youContinue reading “6 Tips For Boosting Body Positivity”

A Note To Those Needing A Little Magic

I know the world takes a lot from you sometimes. I know people take a lot from you sometimes, or all the time. You got this. Something will grow from all that you’re going through & it will be you.

5-Steps For Coping With Disappointment

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a pretty disappointing year. Here’s a post about coping with disappointment!

The Epic Selfcare Kit For Emotional Eating

Check out this EPIC self-care kit for emotional eating!

6 Tips For Surviving the 9-5 Grind

Struggling with the unbearable 9-5 routine? Here are my tops tips!

5 Tips For Coping With Anxiety

Here are 5 tips for coping with anxiety. I know it can be hard sometimes, just know someone is here for you.

The First of Many

Hi, I know I’ve been gone a while. For about a year I have struggled to find my passion, it went from fitness to food and then completely diminished (hence the year-long hiatus). This past year I have been on a journey, which to me, seemed like I had lost my way, my groove, myContinue reading “The First of Many”

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