take what you need: holidays edition

We know the holidays can be stressful for a lot of you, which is why we’ve put together some past posts for you to check out in hope to relieve some tension. Take a look and if you like what you read, please consider subscribing to join our growing community, big love from all ofContinue reading “take what you need: holidays edition”

Changing Your Space To Improve Your Mental Health

Do you ever find yourself not wanting to go home? Do you have negative feelings from a space you a frequently in? If you answered yes to either of those questions, you’re not alone. Many of us feel a very similar way.That’s why this week, we’re discussing how changing your space can lead to betterContinue reading “Changing Your Space To Improve Your Mental Health”

Our Top 5 Posts For When You’re Feeling Sick Or Down

Staying ontop of your health can sometimes be a chore, it can be a real drag especially when you don’t have time to rest. Today we are bringing you our TOP 5 POSTS JAM PACKED FULL OF TIPS, TRICKS & IDEA to help you feel better! Up first is 12 tips to help you feelContinue reading “Our Top 5 Posts For When You’re Feeling Sick Or Down”

The Mid-Week Pick Me Up You Really Need

Happy Wellness Wednesday SMP fam! We hope you’re all doing well. The middle of the week can be difficult but hopefully this post makes it a little better. Do you ever get to Wednesday and start thinking about some things that happened from Monday and Tuesday, like, “why did I say that to so andContinue reading “The Mid-Week Pick Me Up You Really Need”

What Suicide Prevention Should Look Like

A recently unsettled realisation we’ve come across is the overwhelming fact that suicide, however taboo, is a complex situation. For many, self harm & suicide are a way to take away the pain they’re feeling- whether that’s a teen struggling with friendships, family and navigating growing up, or an adult family man who finds itContinue reading “What Suicide Prevention Should Look Like”

6 Gentle Habits That Speak To The Soul

Here at SMP HQ we are all about feeding our soul this year! Who’s with us?? Today we thought we would share some gentle movements that speak to the soul! Slowly waking up on the weekend, without alarms. This is the ultimate way for our bodies to recharge & a lot of the clients weContinue reading “6 Gentle Habits That Speak To The Soul”

How to Place Your Energy In 2021

At the beginning of January, we wrote a post about where to place your energy in 2021. A lot of you seemed to really enjoy that [which were super happy about]. So today we thought we would write one about how to place your energy in 2021.

Letting Go of People Who Don’t Make You Happy

Okay SMP fam, today we are discussing the importance of letting go of people who don’t make you feel happy. If 2020 showed us anything (let’s be real it showed us a lot), it showed us who our true allies are, right? Click on to read about how to let go of those who don’t make you happy!

New Year, A New Mindset!

Do you struggle with having a good mindset? Does it start off good & go down south? Do you need assistance on how to stay on track with your mindset? Well, let us help!! Going off our Mental health Monday post where we spoke about turning a difficult year into a new beginning, with aContinue reading “New Year, A New Mindset!”

A Little Encourager To Get You Over The Line

Are you finding it harder and harder to push on with things now that the year is finally ending? Honestly, same. But we’re here to tell you, you’ve got this. You can do it!! Go out, slay your goals, & at the end of it, take a break or have a rest! It’s been aContinue reading “A Little Encourager To Get You Over The Line”