At Sharp Minds Psychology, we understand the unique needs of individuals with ADHD, and we’re here to provide expert guidance, understanding, and tailored solutions. Our commitment to inclusivity, affordability, and accessibility sets us apart. Everything here is designed for ADHDer’s by ADHDer’s.

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In the ADHD Hub you’ll find everything you need to keep your symptoms at bay! This is a place that will be filled with access to assessment and diagnosis (for those ADHD questioning), groups and programs designed to help you understand how your ADHD works for you and build meaningful connections with others as well as tools and resources to help you do life better and not feel constrained by your brain. We want to give you to the tools to work with your brain and not against it!

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Engage with our dedicated team of psychologists who specialize in providing comprehensive assessments that delves into various aspects of neurodiversity, behaviour, vocational interests, and beyond. Our tailored assessments offer an in-depth exploration of your unique qualities and characteristics, allowing us to gain a profound understanding of your individual needs. For more information, click here.


Join our welcoming, inclusive ADHD community. Whether you’re new to ADHD or have years of experience, you’re not alone. Together, we’re stronger!

Benefit from our experienced facilitator’s insights on managing ADHD, improving emotional well-being, and more. For details, contact us.

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Our ADHD programs are tailor-made to help individuals take control of their brain and gain a deeper understanding of how ADHD affects them. We’re committed to making this journey accessible to all. Choose from weekly and monthly options to fit your budget and schedule, ensuring accessibility for all. To register, contact us.