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Daily Gratitude & Body Positivity Practice

Download our free daily guide on building better body positivity & gratitude! Inside are 3 exercises designed to get you into the habit of appreciating what you have & all that your body can do. There is also space to include what woud make your day great! Click the “download” button below to begin!


A Single Moment, A Thousand Thoughts

A 6-page A5 PDF workbook designed to help you make sense of your negative thoughts when they pop into your head. It’s about not letting them take over your mind & your day! We can learn to live with them & we’re going to show you how. Inside this workbook there are 4 exercises to get you thinking about your negative thoughts & feelings, along with journalling space & tips on how you can change them! (Sent straight to your email for secure purchasing).

3.50 A$

Check In With Yourself: Workbook

A super easy 6-page PDF workbook designed to give you the tools to start checking in with yourself on a regular basis. Includes 2 simple exercises you can do daily to help you feel better & make sense of what you’re feeling. Takes 5-10 minutes to complete (perfect addition to your morning routine).

3.00 A$

Improving Your Self-Awareness: Workbook

A effective 4-page PDF workbook designed to provide you with better self-awareness which enhances your view of the world & those around you. It includes 6 exercises that help you understand yourself & others. Do you ever feel like that annoying person that seems to be in everyones way? Do you ever feel that people have a difficult time being around you for a long period of time? All of these feelings come down to self-awareness of yourself & others. It’s not something wrong with you personally so please don’t think that. If you answered yes! This workbook is for you. (Sent straight to your email for secure purchasing).

3.00 A$

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