We are an online psychology practice offering telehealth therapy to everyone world-wide.

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Our services are clinically backed by science and we strive to uphold the ethical commitment to standardised practice and treatment for all. Our fees are based on a sliding scale with a gap fee as little as $20* per session!


We deeply recognize that the success of therapy hinges on the quality of the connection between you and your clinician. At Sharp Minds Psychology, we take this aspect of our practice very seriously.

Our close-knit team of dedicated psychologists is not only professionally qualified but also committed to creating an environment where you feel completely at ease. We understand that the journey towards improved mental health can be a vulnerable one, and that’s why we place a strong emphasis on cultivating a safe, welcoming, and non-judgmental space.

Our clinicians bring warmth and empathy to every session. They are not only experts in their field but also compassionate individuals who genuinely care about your well-being. We believe that this blend of professional expertise and genuine concern is key to helping you navigate life’s challenges and thrive. Our clinicians are also allies of the queer community, with some identifying as LGBTQIA+. Want to join our team, click here!

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Everything here is designed for ADHDer’s by ADHDer’s. In here you’ll find everything you need to keep your symptoms at bay! This is a place that will be filled with access to assessment and diagnosis, groups and programs, tools and resources. We want to give you to the tools to work with your brain and not against it!


At Sharp Minds Psychology we are dedicated to making our clients feel comfortable beginning at their first interaction, which is why we have made is less scary and accessible for all. Fees of service depending on the type of service needed. Assessments are a fixed price where as sessions with our clinicians are based on a sliding scale of profession & income status. Sign up is done in 5 easy steps!

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Sharp Minds Psychology’s mental health blog, is a resource dedicated to illuminating the path to well-being. Discover a hundreds of articles, expert insights, and diverse voices sharing practical strategies, personal stories, and community support. Join us on your journey to mental wellness, where empowerment, connection, and guidance are at the core of our blog’s mission.


We pay our respects to Elders past, present, and emerging. We celebrate the stories, culture, and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders of all communities who also work and live on this land. At our Practice, we believe in the importance of inclusion, valuing and celebrating the diversity of all individuals, including those who identify as neurodiverse, Transgender, and a part of the LGBTQIA+ communities.


For correspondence of Referrals and Mental Health Care Plans and Private Health Insurance Claims please fax them to +613 9125 8446