4 Must Have Anxiety Relief Apps

I know for many the holidays can be a daunting time. I also know that for some every day is daunting and filled with anxiety and depression.

Personally, there are times of the year when I find it extremely hard to cope because of stress and anxiety. I’m a very proactive person (most of the time), and I like to find solutions to problems so I can help others who are struggling.

I often turn to apps that help for this, whether it’s a yoga app, meditation app, or universal apps that help me stay on top of things (like publishing this blog on time).

I came across an advertisement for an anxiety relief app, and I don’t know why I was so surprised that they existed, but I’m glad they do!

Here are the top 4 apps that are said to help with anxiety and stress (and are 100% FREE; downloadable for IOS and Android):

  • What’s up?  This app uses techniques from both Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy to help users cope with mental-health issues like anxiety, depression, and anger. It includes a diary feature, an emotional rating scale, breathing exercises, and an interactive question game to keep you feeling grounded during stressful moments.
  • Super Better-  This anxiety relief app frames life’s challenges as part of a tough but rewarding game, with players moving through “quests” toward larger goals.
  • The Mindfulness App- This app uses techniques that help clear and stabilise the mind. The app features programs that target how you feel in a situation such as stress relief, motivation, emotions, body, focus, and relationships.
  • The Worry Box- This app helps you determine if something you’re fretting over is unimportant, important, controllable, or uncontrollable. The app features a personal diary where you can enter your worries. After classifying your anxiety to examine it objectively, the app gives you various techniques to help manage the apprehension.

Personally, I love The Mindfulness App, which one is your favourite?


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