Should You Take a Mental Health Day?

We somehow live in a world where productivity and earning money comes at a cost to our mental health.

We often feel like we can’t take time off to get our mental health back on track because it’s not as important as having a physical injury, chronic illness, or expecting a child. Somehow mental health day’s are praised they’re frowned upon. Some see mental health days as a sign of weakness like you can’t handle your workload or you can’t cope doing your job entirely. I’m sure all of us at one point has felt like this and you shouldn’t feel guilty about taking a mental health day.

I’m here to tell you if you need a personal day or mental health day, take one. You owe it to yourself and believe it or not your boss because when your mental health is in check, everything else seems better, including your workplace and workload.

There are so many benefits to taking a mental health day:

  • Decreased stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Gives you a chance to catch up on sleep.
  • Allows you to give your brain a rest and to collect your thoughts.
  • Allows you to focus on something other than work and coworkers.
  • Can help you play catch up with your feelings and emotions.
  • Allows you to evaluate your mental health and if you need help.

You should take a mental health day if:

  • You’re struggling to focus.
  • If your attention on your work isn’t being used effectively.
  • If you’re not doing high-quality work.
  • If your mood is lower or if your depression, anxiety and stress levels are extremely high.
  • If you’re not finding work enjoyable anymore.

So if you need a personal day/mental health day, don’t feel guilty about emailing your boss and letting them know you’re not coming into work that day. Most employers want to know why, but it’s not a legal requirement to not give them a reason or to feel guilty about that. In saying that, do what works for you though, if saying your sick is the way to go, do it!


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