8 Tips for Staying on Track in 2020

Staying on track throughout the New Year can be tricky with the temptations of food and alcohol.

Here are our 8 tips for how to stay on track all year round.

  1. Choose one resolution or goal (e.g., eating better): Don’t make things more complicated than they need to be. Choosing one resolution should be more than enough to focus on because forming good habits takes time (approx.. 22 days).
  2. Set weekly goals: Establishing weekly goals that are achievable can help you stay on track. After all consistency is key! Whatever your goal may be, having weekly “mini goals” will help you achieve your long-term bigger goal. For example, if it’s to eat better, adding in more fruits and vegetables each week will help to change the habits of bad food choices and poor nutrition. Leave a comment if you would like an eBook on involving goals and tips for staying on track.
  3. Reward yourself accordingly: Setting up a reward system along with establishing weekly goals is a fire way to achieving your goal. For example, if you’re trying to eat better don’t reward yourself with food; you will fall off the wagon. Reward yourself with something un-food related like a book or massage.
  4. Track your changes: Tracking how well you’re doing is a bullet proof way to maintain progress. At the end of each week make a quick note on everything you’ve achieved, trust me it adds up- you’ll be very surprised at what you achieve without even being aware of it!
  5. Don’t get down if you have setbacks: Each week will differ, stress will arise and life drama just happens. Don’t get discouraged if you have a bad day or week, take it as a learning curve and try again the next day or when a new week begins. Taking the time to accept and process setbacks is how you come out stronger. I’m sure we all know how difficult it is when bad weeks happen, but they do get better and we do get more resilient if we acknowledge the setbacks.
  6. Choose your why: Have a reason for making such changes. Do you feel uncomfortable in your skin? Do you want to improve your mood? Do you want to have better mental health? Do you need to save money? Finding your why will help motivate healthy change and allow you to stick to your goal better. Always remind yourself of the “why” because you’ll be less discouraged and more aware of your progress as well as how much more is to come.
  7. Find motivation/inspiration: Having motivation and inspiration can drastically help you achieve your goals and New Year’s resolutions. If you want to eat better find recipes you can make that motivate such changes and inspire you to cook more.
  8. Set deadlines: Setting deadlines of changes you want to occur by a certain month can help you plan your weekly goals and also motivate positive changes. If you want to have cut down on meat by February slowly start phasing meat out each week in January. Slow and steady wins the race, remember?

Staying on track is easy by remembering these 8 tips! If you enjoyed this post please subscribe and follow our site to become part of our growing community!

Happy New Year

Stay Safe!

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