How To Stay on Track When You’re Just Not Feeling It

I think we can all agree that some days just suck, who’s with me?

Some nights we don’t get enough sleep because its spent tossing and turning and being woken up. The next day you’re just feeling like a zombie but life doesn’t stop for anyone so you have to just keep on going. As much as this is true there must be a way to make ourselves feel better during the day and not just wish it was over, right?

Here are some easy to-do ways to get back to ‘feeling it’:

Wake up with a hot coffee: Kick starting your day by waking up with a hot coffee is a sure fire way to get motivated for the day after a terrible sleep the night before. How do you take yours?
Have a shower: Having a shower to wake you up in the morning is an amazing way to wake up and feel ready for the day. It’s not only refreshing but relaxing. You can even sprinkle essential oils into the bottom for your shower for a great smelling way to wake up!
Get some sun on your skin: Even for a minute or two, getting some sunlight onto your face can change your entire mood and help begin a better day.
Breathe for a minute: Doing some deep breathing on your lunch break or during your day change lower your heart rate and calm your mind. It can also reduce stress and anxiety throughout the day. Take a minute, breathe, and move forward with your day.
Do low intensity exercise: Doing yoga or going or a walk is a great way to shift your headspace and improve your mood. Going for a 20 minute walk or doing 40 minutes of yoga will change your mood and leave you feeling better than ever!
Find motivating music: Check out spotify for great motivational playlists to get you in the groove and right frame of mind for the day. Play some tunes in the shower, while exercising or getting ready for the day and notice your mood change from a frown to a smile!
Eat nutriously: By eating whole, nutrious foods you’re nourishing your body from the inside out and theres no better way to feeling better than to eat food thats going to fuel you.

Those are the easiest secrets to feeling better after a crappy night and bad sleep fam!

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See you next week!

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