5 Tips For Coping With Anxiety

I’ve been seeing a lot of people express how anxious they are feeling lately and I feel like I have some good solutions for decreasing anxiety as I also suffer from it.

So without further ado here are my 5 tips for coping with anxiety:

Surround yourself with supportive people: Family, friends, peers and support group are a great way to decrease anxiety. They allow us to vent to each other and support what we are going through. There is nothing better than someone that understands how hard things can be sometimes. Trust me someone cares.
Practise positive self-talk: talk to yourself how you would someone you love. With kindness and empathy, give yourself the break you give everyone else. I am enough, I am worthy. Say it with me.
Breathe, deeply. Morning, noon, and night. 2-5 minutes, go!
Talk to a professional: Seeing a therapist is very beneficial to reduce anxiety and practise ways to reduce it. Psychologists are bound by confidentiality, meaning they can’t tell anyone your thoughts or feelings unless you’re a danger to yourself or others. Confiding in someone that can’t spill your secrets is a mental health and wellness game changer.
Accept: Accepting what you can’t change and focus on what you can change can help relieve anxiety. We can’t control everything and we shouldn’t need to. Focus on moving forward and not backwards.

You don’t have to live with the gut wrenching thought of anxiousness, it can be better. Hopefully these tips are able to do just that!

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