Stop “Resetting” Your Life Every Time You Struggle

Okay, that’s it, we’re officially over the trend of resetting your life when you’re finding it hard to cope or not doing the best you can.

It’s a ridiculous notion because no one can reset their lives, you just do better or change what you’re doing now so you do better in future.

Instead of resetting your life how about getting back into routine or changing your habits. Honestly “resetting your life” is such f*cking clit bait & we’re not here for it. We don’t “stan” it.

The trend of resetting your life doesn’t fix your life, it doesn’t make your life miraculously better, it’s just getting you to change things that aren’t currently working for you. But imagine you’re trying your best, struggling with your mental health but still trying to take the steps to maintain a good sense of wellness. Then, you click on a post of a video that’s all about resetting your life, like your life isn’t good enough.

But it is. It’s good enough, you’re enough. You’re doing your best and that’s everything. Having the notion that you can reset your life isn’t okay & people who promote that need to check themselves.

Yes, changing habits is good. Yes, implementing better ways of coping is good. But not under the notion that it’ll reset your life. Because it won’t.

We all wish we could go back in time and not struggle at a certain point in our lives, but we can’t. That’s the thing, we can’t. We can learn & grow from it and not let it beat us into the ground, but we can’t reset it like it never happened, because it made us who we are right now.

That’s our two cents, what do you guys think?? Let us know below!

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