What It Means To Be Mentally Healthy

Before doing some research for the new series “Mental Health Monday”, I hadn’t heard the term “mentally healthy” even throughout all my years of study mental health has never be coined that. So, I began to do more research on what it means to be mentally healthy out of pure curiosity.

According to research being “mentally healthy” refers to the way you feel about yourself, the quality of your relationships, and your ability to manage your feelings and deal with difficulties.

What they’re saying is that to live a happy and healthy life, the majority of the time we feel good about ourselves, have good relationships, and can manage our emotions correctly and appropriately deal with difficulties in life.

I don’t necessarily disagree with that, do you?

I feel like life is more rewarding and more purposeful when there are ups and downs because that’s the only way we can grow and become better people. I feel like sifting through the bad, and the good allows a better understanding of ourselves and the people around us, whether they’re in your intimate circle or not.

Research also suggests that people who are “mentally healthy” (it still sounds super weird to say that out loud) have:

  • A sense of contentment,
  • A zest for living and the ability to laugh and have fun,
  • The ability to deal with stress and bounce back from adversity,
  • A sense of meaning and purpose, in both their activities and relationships,
  • The flexibility to adapt to change,
  • Self-confidence and high self-esteem.

Who else is reading this and thinking they’re not mentally healthy? Am I the only one?

Here’s why I disagree with a lot of these points.

Having contentment in life isn’t a bad thing, but I think it hinders personal exploration and growth. Having the ability to laugh and have fun- very important. Having the ability to deal with stress- equally important, especially in challenging workplaces where there is often conflict. The flexibility to adapt to change, what about those who find that hard? (i.e. people with autism), does that mean they aren’t mentally healthy? no.

Having self-confidence and high self-esteem is often so hard in society today with the introduction of social media platforms (i.e. Instagram) where a lot of people’s lifestyles are false, where both young girls, boys and even men and women are judged on superficial ideologies.

I have days where my self-confidence and self-esteem is low, and some days I’m feeling myself, and I think that symbolises being more mentally healthy because how can you go through life always being happy and full of self-confidence? How boring and unfulfilling.

Let me know your thoughts and what “mentally healthy” means to you,


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6 thoughts on “What It Means To Be Mentally Healthy

  1. Mentally healthy is about being satisfied with yourself & accepting yourself as it is.
    In today’s world, due to social media insecurities of people are increasing so rapidly & it needs to be stopped.

    1. Couldn’t agree more! It’s a tricky thing with mental health and psychology, how they expect everyone to fit into the same category, but it’s just not realistic. I think everyone needs to be honest over social media, I don’t understand how it’s become so fake.

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